Monday, January 30, 2012

The First Moment

I can still live it now in my mind, that first moment I saw you, laughing with your friends. I stepped past the corner and there you were, standing there glowing in the late summer sun in front of the orchestra room. You tossed back your head, the dark tresses flying, then tumbling back down in graceful order, while the marvelous sound of joy escaped your lips. I nearly stumbled as a result of my inner throes, for I had not kindled such a glorious ember of pure happiness, and how could I ever hope to, considering a person such as I and one such as you. All I could ever wish is to be the one to make you laugh again. I dragged myself into the choir room, my gaze never leaving your angelic features, heightened by the sun dancing upon your face as you flew high above upon your wings of perfect felicity. And the eyes. I could drown in those eyes and never even think of air. Fathomless. Open to the soul. Reflecting pristine delight. Childlike. Yet holding one secret. Pain. Abandonment. Betrayal. How then I yearned, for a chance to carry it for you. To let you live without such a burden.